John Walters

I learned the rumba technique from Edina's YouTube tutorial several years ago. As a classical guitarist and teacher I found it quite difficult changing my right hand technique for flamenco. I watched several tutorials on this but found Edina's the best. It was clearly explained and in no time at all I got it. I have also been inspired to practice and speed up my picado technique which uses the apoyando stroke. This is something rarely done with classical guitar.

Alex McGee

I love Spanish, classical, flamenco and fingerstyle guitar. Watching Edina on YouTube and instagram is a great reference for techniques and rhythm. I find myself learning from all her videos.

Sabina Rea

Edina has been such an inspiration and a never failing resource for me as I pursue flamenco guitar. I watch at least one of her guitar lessons each week and my resulting progress has been very exciting. She has so many great exercises for just about everything, and she teaches in a way that makes it easy for me to follow. I am so thankful for her lessons and eagerly await her new book!