Learn how to play Spanish guitar

Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques offers 19 lessons and over 150 exercises and illustrations in a form of a book/DVD.

Step by step tutorials

Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques guides you with step-by step explanations on each techniques.

variety of music formats

The songs and exercises are available in TABs with music sheet and chord diagrams as well.

Slow motion movements

Each techniques filmed with close-ups and slow motion to understand exactly how it is done.

Quiz on music theory

A little quiz is included at the end of each music theory lesson to test your newly found knowledge.

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Spanish guitar strumming techniques

Have you ever wanted to learn the secrets of playing Spanish style guitar? Do you have the urge to play the guitar in a fast, rhythmic, and percussive way that excites and ignites an audience? Have you ever wanted to master the rumba, the flamenco triplet or the rasgueado? In Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques, guitarist and YouTube phenomenon Edina Balczo teaches and demonstrates a wide array of 21st century strumming methods tailored for the Spanish guitar.

Included are over 150 lessons, exercises, and illustrations, each will clear and precise instructions that include:

  • Chords and how to construct, and use them
  • Dozens of different strumming and other techniques
  • Exercises to help you to build up to the right speed

The exercises are presented in traditional musical notation, TAB, and with chord diagrams. If you are an emerging guitarist or just a beginner who is eager to master the Spanish guitar, this book is for you.

Are you based in the USA? The book/DVD is now on Amazon USA.

You will learn some music theory during the first six lessons, such as how to read guitar tablature (TAB), how to notate rhythm, and the construction of the basic chords, including the major, minor and seventh chords. Each of these lessons contains a quiz to challenge your new-found knowledge and to ensure that you absorb the material as you proceed through the book.

 You can also learn the following techniques from the SpanishStrumBook:

  • Basic rumba technique
  • Rumba technique variations
  • Pulgar
  • Flamenco triplet
  • Adding the hit to the flamenco triplet
  • Golpe strumming
  • Rasgueado
  • Muted rasgueado
  • Rasgueado variations
  • Hammer-on and Pull-off
  • Tango with rasgueado
  • Alzapua as a strumming technique
  • Drumming techniques

A wide variety of guitar instruction books are available which describe different styles of playing, music theory, soloing, jazz and improvisation, flamenco, fingerpicking and strumming techniques on steel string guitar. However, there are not many (or any) dedicated to Spanish guitar strumming techniques, so this book will be unique, revolutionary and a PIONEER of its kind!

Edina Balczo has been producing YouTube guitar lesson videos since 2007. Some of these videos have gone viral and have attracted world-wide attention among guitar students eager to learn the techniques she demonstrates. This book and the accompanying video lessons, which will include clear textual descriptions and professionally-produced video demonstrations of each technique, will be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in mastering the Spanish guitar style.


Some of her YouTube lessons look like this. 

How to play fast rumba on guitar:

How to play golpe – hits in Spanish guitar:

Top 5 flamenco guitar techniques

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