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If you support my Patreon campaign with at least 10 dollars a month, you will receive all the TABs below as a complementary gift. You will also have access for the future TABs I make for my upcoming YouTube videos, backing tracks, mp3 of the songs and get priority for video requests.

Practice with guitarpro

GuitarPro is an excellent way to practice with the music as it plays it back for you, so you can hear how the song supposed to sound. Also it has a feature to slow down the music or do a speed trainer, meaning it gets faster with every loop you choose.

Clicking on the song title will lead to the YouTube video. You will receive the TABs through e-mail within two days upon purchasing them in PDF and GuitarPro format.

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Inception video
Moonlight sonata: video
Roma – Vicente Amigo: video
White Christmas video
Alzapua video

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