Learn how to play Spanish guitar

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private LESSONS

Would you like to play Spanish guitar? For private lessons (if you live in London, UK) please write me an e-mail: edinabalczo@gmail.com. I live in East London and the lessons will take a place there. Please also contact me for Skype lessons, it is a bit harder for me because of the Skype few seconds delay, but it all depends on your camera, internet connection etc.

SUpport me

Want me to make new video lessons to YouTube? If so please support me, as I am doing this on my spare time for free! Also, if you join my Patreon campaign you will have your name included under my new videos, additional TABs, you can make requests for songs and techniques etc.

  • For $3 a months your name will be listed on every video I make, as you support these videos to be made!

  • For $10 a month you will get access of all of my TABs that I have or make in the future.

guitar teaching book

Most of the Spanish guitar strumming techniques will be available in my upcoming book. I still have many lessons about some of them on my YouTube channel that I filmed before, although I did not include them here because of the bad quality. Here I listed some other exercises and techniques to practice.

FREE Lessons

Free Picado guitar lessons
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