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Would you like to learn flamenco or classical guitar? The guitar lesson will take place in Chingford (London, UK) or online on Skype. To start the lessons you will need a nylon-string guitar (classical or flamenco) and a metronome. If you are a complete beginner you will learn: chords, scales, technique, songs, and rhythms. For more advanced students I am offering arrangements, improvisations, and flamenco/classical studies.

The online guitar lessons are held with HD wide camera and external microphone for the best quality experience. Also every second month we hold a guitar meeting on Skype on a Sunday (5pm Uk time, so works in many different countries and continents) where my guitar students can perform a song and share it with the others. This is not obligatory, but a great motivation to practice more guitar and get ready with a new classical/flamenco song every second month.

I am a registered guitar tutor, and received distinction in Grade 8 acoustic guitar, playing the guitar for more than 24 years and released several guitar courses. I teach a wide range of music including classical, latin, Spanish and flamenco guitar.

Your lessons will be:

  • 25 minutes lessons: £28, book here.
  • 55 minutes lessons: £52, book here.
  • Pack of five 55 minutes lessons: £225 (£45 per lesson), book here.
Before you book a lesson, please contact me here: edinabalczo@gmail.com I live in the UK (to see the time difference) and we can discuss when to start.
Cancellation policy: If you cancel on the day you still need to pay for the lesson.
Start or continue your guitar journey with me!

What my students say

"Edina is fabulous. Tell her what you want to learn and she will patiently work with you until you are playing it. If you don't really know where you want to go with your playing, she will suggest something. Her overarching philosophy is that playing the guitar should be fun. A lesson with Edina is absolutely worth while. Edina will give you all her attention. Nothing escapes her ears or eyes. I highly recommend Edina to anyone interested in exploring any of the many varieties of Spanish guitar."
"Edina is an excellent teacher of Flamenco guitar. Her methods are supportive, but also refreshingly challenging and exacting. Edina is entirely in tune with the needs of the student guitarist, she listens and observes the student in progress and adapts her approach to ensure the intended learning is understood. I would recommend Edina as a guitar teacher to anyone who wishes to commit to leaning the instrument correctly or who wants to improve their technique and theoretical knowledge."

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Would you like to sponsor my videos and always receive the TABs with the songs and lessons I play on YouTube? If so you can join to my Patreon campaign. Your name will be included under my new videos, receive additional TABs, also you can make requests for songs and techniques among others.

guitar courses

Would you rather do a guitar/music course? You can choose from 5 different courses to improve your guitar playing. And these are:

  • Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques
  • Songs for Spanish and Classical Guitar
  • Play Solos in Spanish and Flamenco Guitar
  • Learn Chords with Songs and Exercises: Major, Minor and Barre Chords
  • Music Theory: Learn to Read Rhythm – From beginners to Mastery

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scales used in Spanish guitar

Spanish guitar and flamenco scale studies