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private LESSONS

Would you like to play Spanish guitar? For private lessons (if you live in London, UK) please write me an e-mail: edinabalczo@gmail.com. I live in East London (Chingford) and the lessons will take a place there. I am also teaching through Skype if you do not live in London.

I am a registered guitar tutor, and receieved distinction in Grade 8 acoustic guitar.

become my patreon student

Would you like to sponsor my videos and always receive the TABs with the songs and lessons I play on YouTube? If so you can join to my Patreon campaign. Your name will be included under my new videos, receive additional TABs, also you can make requests for songs and techniques among others.

  • For $3 a months your name will be listed on every video I make, as you support these videos to be made!

  • For $10 a month you will get access of all of my TABs that I have or make in the future.

guitar teaching book

If you are interested to have a guitar course on Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques, then why not you can grab your book? It has 19 guitar lessons and over 150 exercises and illustrations, with a DVD included or links to the video lessons if you prefer the eBook version. Also it includes step-by-step explanations, slow-motion movements and close-ups to help you master each of the technique with fun exercises!

FREE Lessons

scales used in Spanish guitar

Spanish guitar and flamenco scale studies
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