What is picado?

It is an alternate picking technique used for soloing in Flamenco. Index and middle fingers are used in an alternate way. The thumb is placed on the low E string, when the higher strings are played and the fingers end up on the above string, this way the technique will have a stronger sound. From the D string and above the hand needs to be raised so the thumb is no longer placed on the E string. Classical guitarists play free-stroke when they solo so they have a softer sound.

What is important?

  •  Never repeat fingers, otherwise you cannot go fast.
  • Always make very little movements in both hands, with big movements it is hard to gain speed.
  • Always have a little nail, if your nail is too long it can be stuck while making the movements, if you have no nail the sound will not be so strong.

Download the free TABs for the 4 notes/beat exercise

Download the free TABs for 3 notes/beat exercise

Download the free TABS for the circus theme exercise

Download the free TAB for the changing the strings with different fingers

Dowload the free TABs for picado warm-up speed exercise

Dowload the free TAB for intermediate picado triplet exercise