Major Seventh Chords

What is CAGED system?

The major chords C, A, G, E, D and their derivatives can be formed on the first three frets of the guitar (sometimes called first position). Then, by using a barre hold the shapes can be transposed to any point on the fretboard by sliding the shape up and down until the desired root note is found. On the video below I made an exercise on how to hold a better barre chord. 

How to construct major seventh chords?

  • They consist of four notes. These are the root note, the major third, the perfect fifth, and the major seventh.
  •  For example, C major consists of C (root note), E (major 3rd), and G (perfect 5th), while C major 7th have four notes and these are: C (root note), E (major 3rd), G (perfect 5th), and B (major 7th). 
  • A good exercise would be to write down and figure out the notes of the other chords. For example, Amaj7th, Gmaj7th, Emaj7th, and Dmaj7th.

Here is the TAB for the different shapes of the major 7th chords