Music Theory: Learn to Read Rhythm


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All format includes the video lessons!

When I was a child, my first music teacher told me that my poor sense of rhythm would prevent me from ever becoming a successful musician. Now, I make my living as a rhythm guitarist.

How do you count time in music? Are you in time when playing your songs? Do you want the music and rhythm to sound exactly as intended when learning a new song?

This course, which includes 50 videos and 14 exercises at 7 difficulty levels, will provide you with an easy method for counting time in music; teach you how to use the metronome as a practice aid; show you how to change rhythm within a beat. If you feel that you have a terrible sense of rhythm, I can assure you that like any other music-related topic, rhythmic sense is something which can be learned. The included exercises will help you to master off-beats, triplets, and the ability to count and clap any rhythm in rock-steady time.

You will learn:

  • All the note and rest values, triplets, dotted notes, off beats, etc.
  • How to count and clap any rhythm.
  • How to remain in time and change rhythm within a beat.
  • 9 guitar songs to demonstrate the difficulty levels

This course also includes a guitar song example for each level and a flamenco guitar bonus lesson (not obligatory), so you can see how the rhythms sound when played on a real instrument.

If you play an instrument, you will almost certainly have to learn how to read rhythm. Furthermore, if you plan to play with other people, everyone involved needs to be able to maintain the same and consistent rhythm. So, for anyone contemplating a future in music, the material covered in this course is essential.

Whether you’re a beginner seeking to unlock your natural rhythm, or an experienced player looking to resolve timing issues when playing your instrument – improve your rhythm with me and start your course today!

What others say:

“Just Wow, I had a blockade from the early ages where they kicked me out of Music School because I didn’t get this at the age of 7. So, I just moved on making music for 20+ years, without ever being able to understand this with various teachers and tutorials. Now – No More Problems with the help of this tutorial! I’m so amazed, thank you so much! You really know how to teach it and have the perfect examples to train this, thank you!!!” – Ady

“This is what I was looking for many years” – Kris

“Really helpful, easy to progress through exercises – I recommend it to anybody trying to learn to read rhythms.” Sasa

“I liked the class, helped me quite good reading rhythm!” – Sarah

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