Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques – Book/DVD or PDF

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Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques offers 19 guitar lessons and over 150 exercises and illustrations in the form of a book and DVD.

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Want to get into flamenco guitar? Start here!

Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques offers 19 guitar lessons and over 150 exercises and illustrations in the form of a book and DVD.

Have you ever wanted to learn the secrets of playing Spanish style guitar?  Do you have the ambition to play the guitar in a fast, rhythmic, and percussive way that excites and ignites an audience?  Have you ever wanted to master the rumba, the flamenco triplet or the rasgueado?  In Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques book and DVD, guitarist and YouTube phenomenon Edina Balczo teaches and demonstrates a wide array of 21st century strumming methods tailored for the Spanish and flamenco guitar.

Included are over 150 lessons, exercises, and illustrations, each with clear and precise instructions that include:

  • Chords and how to construct, and use them
  • Dozens of different strumming and other techniques
  • Exercises to help you to build up to the right speed

The DVD features include:

  • 86 minutes running time
  • Multiple camera angles
  • Slow-motion movements
  • Step-by-step explanations

The exercises are presented in traditional musical notation, TAB, and with chord diagrams.  If you are an emerging guitarist or just a beginner who is eager to master the Spanish guitar, this book is for you.


– I do not have a DVD player or CD player can I still watch the videos online? Yes, the videos are available online, please contact me and I share the link with you.

– Do you have exercises for each of the techniques? Yes, every lesson contains several different exercises.

– I cannot read music, will I still understand the exercises? Yes, they are also in TABs, with chord diagrams as well as in musical notation.

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1 review for Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques – Book/DVD or PDF

  1. Frank Ernhart

    Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques is a great book for not only beginners but also for experienced guitarists who want to learn some new strumming techniques. The chords used mostly in Flamenco, but also in other Spanish music are diagrammed and explained in great detail.

    When you buy this book you are also introduced to an experienced professional guitarist who really cares about her followers. I have many guitar methods and song books in the flamenco area but none of them have put out short videos on Youtube, or put in their books such subjects as

    1 – How to be motivated

    2 – How to use a metronome to help increase your playing speed

    3 – Should you play gigs for free, or always be paid for your work

    4 – Watch this video before you buy a classical or flamenco guitar

    5 – How to get paid gigs

    6 – How to play Mariachi or Mexican guitar

    I have personally always preferred to have a book on paper, as opposed to watching videos, or using an electronic reader such as Amazon’s Kindle. If you are into Spanish guitar, or flamenco, or even Mexican Mariachi, and also like to have the book handy to practice, you can’t really go wrong with this book.

    Thank you, Edina Balzco for making this great resource book available at a reasonable price, and also for putting out free videos once a week (always on Sunday) on the Spanish Guitar hub.

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